The Vanner Team expressed their creativity and dressed up for the Halloween festivities. 
In an effort to keep everyone safe while trick or treating tonight, please take proper precautions to protect yourself and children. Here are some tips to help you do just that:

  1. Do not let children wear costumes that are long, baggy or loose, as they are tripping hazards and are hard to walk in.
  2. Choose costumes, wigs and accessories made from fire-resistant material.
  3. Select brightly colored costumes so that motorists can see children as they trick or treat. Also, add strips of reflective tape to outfits and treat bags.
  4. Buy face makeup that is labeled “FDA Approved” or “Non-Toxic” to avoid adverse allergic reactions.
  5. Do not allow children under age 12 to trick or treat alone, and help older children plan out a safe route before they leave the house.
  6. Instruct children to never approach a car to accept treats.