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Important Notice: Your Prescription Drug Coverage and Medicare

Please read this notice carefully and keep it where you can find it.  This notice has information about your current prescription drug coverage with [Insert Name of Entity] and about your options under Medicare’s prescription drug coverage.  This information can help you decide whether or not you want to join a Medicare drug plan. Information [...]

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Look Out For These Scams When Improving Your Home

Remodels and other home improvements are an important part of being a property owner. When done correctly, these projects can add value to a home and make it more attractive to future buyers. Unfortunately, hiring a contractor to complete home improvement projects is not always simple. The average homeowner is often unaware of the average [...]

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Tips To Keep You Focused At Work

Hectic schedules, stress, and lack of sleep can all contribute to fatigue, which is a common and dangerous workplace hazard. Symptoms of fatigue include moodiness, drowsiness, loss of energy, and lack of motivation and concentration.These are not ideal qualities to display at your job. Not only does fatigue make you less productive and personable, it [...]

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What Your Business Can Learn From Game of Thrones

Since the 2014 hacking at Sony Pictures, more recent events have shed light on Hollywood’s cyber security exposures. The latest involved the hacking of HBO’s social media accounts and the leak of unreleased episodes of “Game of Thrones.” Hackers have also stolen episodes of the network’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” “Insecure” and “Ballers.” Hollywood faces unique [...]

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What You Can Do and How To Avoid Scams this Weekend for Hurricane Harvey Victims

The damage caused by Hurricane Harvey is prompting people to help in whatever ways they can. Harvey's catastrophic flooding will continue to cause devastation throughout the week. There are many organizations to send donations to that will help the affected areas. Unfortunately, there are dishonest people who prey on good intentions, creating fake charity campaigns [...]

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Simple Driving Mistakes Could Cost Your Company Millions

Avoid Negligent Entrustment Lawsuit Automobile accidents are an expensive liability for companies that rely on the use of vehicles for their business. That risk has increased in recent years, mainly due to distracted driving and a legal concept called negligent entrustment. Negligent entrustment occurs when an employer is held liable for negligence in choosing an [...]

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Are You Covered During Your Ride-Share Shift?

With the introduction of ridesharing in New York, many are confused with coverage, who’s covered and when they’re covered. This confusion has brought upon several inquiries for when commercial and personal policy usage come into play. If you have decided to make the venture into the ride sharing business in New York, there are a [...]

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Head Out To Into Open Waters Without Injury

Water sports, relaxing in the sun and splashing in the water are great ways to make memories with family and friends. Sea lovers must be careful near the marina and dock, though, to assure that their getaways are safe ones. If you are hitting the open waters this season, don’t forget these safety tips! Docking [...]

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OSHA Signals Intention to Delay Electronic Reporting

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) electronic reporting rule requires certain establishments to report information electronically from their OSHA Forms 300, 300A and 301. The rule also requires OSHA to create a website that can be used to submit the required information. Under the rule, the first reports are due by July 1, 2017. [...]

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7 Safety Tips for Bike Commuters

7 Safety Tips for Bike Commuters As the snow is melting and the weather begins to warm up, more commuters may consider biking to work. If you work in Downtown Buffalo, there are even a few main roads with designated bike lanes. Biking to work is not only a great source of exercise, but you [...]

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