The Most Common Construction Fraud

Fraud of all kinds is prevalent across every type of construction project. While cases of construction companies defrauding their clients are the most reported, it is the companies themselves that often lose money to fraud perpetrated by employees, contractors, and partners. To protect themselves, businesses should be aware of the following most common fraud schemes: [...]

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Annual Surety Day 2017

Our Senior Bond Account Manager, Dina Marinaro, attended the annual Surety Day event sponsored by the Surety Association of Syracuse. The day took place at the Doubletree and consisted of the following presenters: Kimberly Steele founding member of Steele Law Firm, PC., is a multi-jurisdictional practice that represents clients in Suretyship, Construction Law, Commercial Litigation and Commercial [...]

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Look Out For These Scams When Improving Your Home

Remodels and other home improvements are an important part of being a property owner. When done correctly, these projects can add value to a home and make it more attractive to future buyers. Unfortunately, hiring a contractor to complete home improvement projects is not always simple. The average homeowner is often unaware of the average [...]

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New Recommended Practices for Anti-retaliation Programs

In the wake of OSHA’s new electronic injury and illness reporting and anti-retaliation rules, the Department of Labor (DOL) recently released new recommended practices for anti-retaliation programs. The initial rule requires employers to electronically submit information from work related injury to OSHA. More importantly, the rule solidifies employee anti-retaliation protections for reporting work-related injuries and [...]

OSHA Compliance: Anti Retaliation Rules Delayed

On May 12, 2016, OSHA issued a final rule requiring certain employers to electronically submit data from their work-related injury records. Their intention is to publish this employer information on a public website, but feared the rule would push companies to discourage employees from reporting injuries and illnesses. In a proactive effort, OSHA included three [...]

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Impact Safety And Quality On Your Next Project

Construction projects present unique challenges that lead to potential injuries or poor work quality. The safety and quality of a job site can cause negative consequences especially when fatigue from prolonged hours worked or poor task design enter the mix. Some challenges include: Physically demanding work Long hours Constant changes to the project Tight schedules. [...]

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