Key Items to Prepare For Long Range Boat Trips

Earlier this week, the U.S. Navy rescued two Americans and their dogs. Authorities say they were stranded on the Pacific Ocean for five months! The full news story can be read here. Whether you're planning on a long voyage over the Pacific ocean or any trip that distance, you should make sure you're prepared for a range [...]

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Protect Your Boat: Before, During and After A Hurricane.

Hurricane! The word is both feared and respected by knowledgeable mariners along the U.S. coastal areas of the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. Residents of the Southeast are constantly alert to the news of tropical storms developing in or headed for the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Sea or the Gulf of Mexico. Interest [...]

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Boating Around Flotsam and Jetsam

Flotsam and Jetsam - Might sound like cool names of friends new boats but not too cool when they interrupt a day on the water!! Marine Debris known as Flotsam With heavy spring rains and land erosion along Lakes Erie and Ontario this year, finding trees, picnic benches, lawn furniture and tires washed away from [...]

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Head Out To Into Open Waters Without Injury

Water sports, relaxing in the sun and splashing in the water are great ways to make memories with family and friends. Sea lovers must be careful near the marina and dock, though, to assure that their getaways are safe ones. If you are hitting the open waters this season, don’t forget these safety tips! Docking [...]

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2017 National Boating Safety Week: Ready, Set, Wear It!

May 20 – 26 is Safe Boating Week with an emphasis on the National Safe Boating Council Slogan, READY, SET, WEAR IT.  As the water temperatures in the Great Lakes is still hovering around the 50 degree range, we highly recommend wearing your life jacket while boating.  The following will provide some information on how [...]

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Neglecting Your Boat – An Insurance Nightmare

This past week, an insurance horror story was published in regards to a Vermont boat owner. A brief synopsis: Insurers said they will not cover the loss of a boat owned by a Vermont man that sank off Rhode Island with his mother aboard. The man and his mother left on a fishing trip in [...]

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Preparing for Boat Season on WNY Living Buffalo

Peter Stevens, Vice President of Stevens Marine Agency a division of Vanner Insurance, was featured on WGRZ Channel 2 WNY Living hosted by Janet Snyder. Steven's discussed the importance of holding your insurance year round and how you can prepare right now for the upcoming boat season. Boating insurance policies are different across the industry. Not only is it [...]

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Tips To Prevent Hypothermia

It's April in Buffalo and the ice is finally clear from our surrounding lakes and rivers. Warm spring days glazed with sunshine and glorious blue skies are attracting boaters to a record breaking start to the season. Unfortunately with the recent spurts of snow, water temperatures are still in the 30’s to low 40’s and [...]

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2 Big Insurance Tips For Heading South With Your Boat

Are you one of the fortunate Yachtsmen heading south for the winter? In this case, you don’t have to put your boats away for the winter. Be sure to check your insurance policy for two important warranties: 1. Check your lay-up dates.  If your insurance contract shows the vessel has a lay-up date, usually December [...]

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