Dina Marinaro Named President of The Surety Association of Syracuse

On January 12, 2018, our Bonding and Surety Account Manager, Dina Marinaro, was named President of The Surety Association of Syracuse. As the president, she will now oversee all functions of the board as well as the quality of information, compliance changes, and updates. She will also oversee events throughout the year including their annual trip to Washington for [...]

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American Health Care Act: a Few Key Items for Employers

With all of the political fireworks around the passage of the American Health Care Act (the Obamacare repeal and replace act) by the House of Representatives, there are a few things that employers should bear in mind:   If a repeal and replace bill is ultimately passed by Congress, it is likely to look very [...]

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Telemedicine: Poised for Takeoff or Frustration?

Telemedicine - which includes a variety of electronic media to provide medical services and monitor patients with certain chronic conditions – holds much promise for reducing costs and improving outcomes. What are the obstacles to achieving even greater results?

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Health Literacy: What Is It and Why It Matters

Health care is complicatedly. The complexity of the system, basic gaps in “health literacy” and the stress of illness combine to limit Americans’ ability to follow instructions of their health care providers, understand choices and to advocate for themselves. This blog post discusses the challenges created by this problem - and ways to start addressing it.

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Your Money and Your Life

Health care is complicated – not just for politicians, but for consumers. You have a number of choices to make in buying health care and those choices require understanding some complicated topics. The challenges in shopping for health care are only going to increase, regardless of who wins the political wars over health care.

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Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces Rule Overturn

On March 27, 2017, President Donald J. Trump signed into law H.J. Res. 37, a bill that nullifies the Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces final rule. This rule, also known as the “blacklisting rule,” was staunchly opposed by federal contractors. Among other things, the rule required federal contractors to disclose previous labor law violations when [...]

2017 Open Enrollment Checklist

To prepare for open enrollment, group health plan sponsors should be aware of the legal changes affecting the design and administration of their plans for plan years beginning on or after Jan. 1, 2017. Employers should review their plan documents to confirm that they include these required changes. In addition, any changes to a [...]

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Employee Benefits Compliance Checklist for Small Employers

Federal law imposes numerous requirements on the group health coverage that employers provide to their employees. Many federal compliance laws apply to all group health plans, regardless of the size of the sponsoring employer. However, there are some compliance exceptions for group health coverage provided by small employers. For this purpose, a small employer [...]

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