Health Care

Healthcare Wars: Employers Caught in the Middle

As the political battles – and stalemate - over the Affordable Care Act continues, employers may find themselves with the worst of all worlds. The portions of the ACA that create the greatest burdens on employers, such as the mandates, taxes and administrative obligations under the ACA stay, in place. At the same time, uncertainty in the individual markets creates blowback that hurts employers in a number of ways.

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Health Literacy: What Is It and Why It Matters

Health care is complicatedly. The complexity of the system, basic gaps in “health literacy” and the stress of illness combine to limit Americans’ ability to follow instructions of their health care providers, understand choices and to advocate for themselves. This blog post discusses the challenges created by this problem - and ways to start addressing it.

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Your Money and Your Life

Health care is complicated – not just for politicians, but for consumers. You have a number of choices to make in buying health care and those choices require understanding some complicated topics. The challenges in shopping for health care are only going to increase, regardless of who wins the political wars over health care.

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