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Tax Implications for NYS New Paid Family Leave Program

The State’s new Paid Family Leave program has tax implications for New York employees, employers, and insurance carriers, including self-insured employers, employer plans, approved third-party insurers, and the State Insurance Fund. We have reviewed the New York statute, implementing  regulations, and applicable laws, case law and federal guidance, and we have consulted with the Internal [...]

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Paid Family Leave: Next Benefits Frontier or New Battleground?

Effective January 1, 2018 New York becomes the latest state to require that employers provide paid family leave, joining California, New Jersey, and Rhode Island. Also, Washington State adopted a paid family leave act in 2007, that has not been implemented due to a lack of funding, and San Francisco has adopted its own ordinance. [...]

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Paid Parental Leave – An Emerging Consensus?

A new report, prepared by economists from the American Enterprise Institute and the Brookings Institution, provides some interesting fodder for the debate over a national paid leave policy for the U.S. The report provides an economic rationale for establishment of a paid leave program and attempts to create a consensus proposal for both the right and the left of the ideological spectrum.

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Paid Family Leave – What Leaves Qualify?

For starters, the new law does not provide for paid leave because of an employee’s own medical condition or need. Rather, the law provides for paid leave for employees to support family members (as specifically defined) and only for three specific categories of need: To participate in providing care for a family member of the [...]

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New York’s Paid Family Leave Law – Time to Get Ready

Starting in 2018 your employees will be eligible for paid family leave to care for family members under New York State’s new family leave law. The law is far-reaching - it applies to every (nongovernmental) employer in New York State with at least one employee. And, the law provides for very generous benefits; when the [...]

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