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Increased Positive Feelings Toward AI in Health Care

According to a recent survey from SAS, an analytics company, consumers are more comfortable with artificial intelligence (AI) being used in health care than in any other industry.  The confusion surrounding AI does remain widespread in popular media, but AI is any task a computer can perform just as well as, if not better than, humans.

The study presented 500 participants with a variety of real-world banking, retail and medical scenarios. Sixty percent of respondents said they’d be comfortable with their doctors using AI to analyze their medical data to make decisions for treatment.

What’s more, 61 percent of participants said they’d be comfortable allowing their providers to access data from their wearable devices to make lifestyle assessments and suggest improvements.

Participants of all ages expressed comfortableness with AI in the operating room. Of consumers over the age of 40, more than half were willing to experience AI-assisted surgery. Of the younger half, 40 percent agreed that they would also allow AI-assisted surgery.

The study’s results highlight the fact that consumers generally feel positive about AI when it has the potential to be used for something good, such as improving patient outcomes and helping providers make informed decisions. Despite the positive opinions about AI, participants had reservations about its lack of human interaction and data security. Only 35 percent of respondents said they were confident that their data would be stored securely when used for AI.

Any hesitation regarding AI may be due to the fact that consumers still don’t know enough about it. In fact, less than half of survey participants said they could explain the concept of AI to someone else. Take a deeper dive into AI in Healthcare – check out this article, Separating Reality from Hype in Forbes.