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Possibility Of Boat Loss In Winter

By November 29, 2016Marine

As we begin to gear up for the winter, boat owners need to be aware of the possibility for loss throughout the season. Even taking precautions to winterize your boat, there may be parts overlooked or accidents you can not control. Coverage on your boat is necessary in the summer months when your boat is in use, but when your boat is put away, it is never a wise decision to cancel your policy.

Recently, a boat storage facility in the Buffalo, NY area caught fire around 7:00 a.m, destroying the building and everything within it. Fortunately, no one was hurt, but boats were completely destroyed. For those boat owners who maintained insurance year round were rest assured their loss was compensated by the insurance company.  Others who tried to keep their costs down by dropping their insurance through the winter, were out of luck.

Please be aware that losses like this and others can happen to any of us.  Besides the unfortunate fires, there is also an increase of collapsed buildings due to the weight of ice, snow and fallen trees. Make sure to call an expert to look at your policy and make sure your boat is covered all year round.